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Tom Antion's
Brutal Self-Defense: How to Keep You and Your Loved Ones Safe in a Dangerous World.

The Brutal self-defense program was a live seminar never before offered to the general public. (It was too nasty and too brutal)

You will learn things to keep you safe and also things you can pass on to your loved ones to keep them safe

From dumbass teens playing the “knockout game” to Active Shooters showing up just about everywhere, you MUST do what it takes to learn how to keep you and your loved ones safe in an increasingly violent world.

If your head’s in the sand about taking responsibility for your own safety and those around you, guess where your butt is. Yes, it’s sticking up in the air and if you’re lucky, you’ll only get your ass kicked. If you’re not . . .  well you just could get a free ride in a body bag.

I’m Tom Antion and for those of you that know me, or know of me, you are probably wondering . . . 

Here’s me on the left with my Buddy, Teacher and Guest Instructor 5th Dan Hapkido Black Belt, Security Expert and Writer Alain Burrese

“Why should I listen to Tom Antion about self-defense when he’s only known for public speaking and Internet Marketing for Small Business?”

What you probably don’t know is I’ve faced and defeated enormous amounts of violence, and I’ve had enormous amounts of training that I’ll tell you about later. For now, bear with me and see what you will learn in a literally life-changing two-day live seminar with me which is now on video.

Note: You need to be in "OK" shape to participate (i.e. you can stand up and walk around), but you DO NOT need to be in "great" shape to participate (I’m sure not at my peak conditioning anymore). In fact, if you aren’t in shape, you probably need this more than the average person. People with disabilities are welcome and there will definitely be techniques you can use.

With These Videos You Will Learn:

  • How to incapacitate a much larger attacker. . . and no I’m not talking about the old standby “kick in the balls” . . . there are much better ways.
  • Two simple tricks that will keep a lone female from being chosen as a target. . . . this is almost comical, but hardened criminals tell us it works.
  • About Improvised Weapons . . . How to take hundreds of everyday objects and use them to save your life.
  • Victimology . . . How to give yourself the best possible chance to escape being targeted by a criminal. . . .This will really surprise you.
  • How to Use Beverages and Food as Weapons . . . You might lose the calories, but you’ll win the fight.
  • Why you should never “punch” someone. . . Broken hands and teeth marks in them are no fun (I know from experience and I’ll show you my hands at the event) . . . there are safer and more devastating ways to use your hands.
  • How to create your own witnesses . . . I got arrested once because the well-meaning witnesses didn’t see what they thought they saw. . . . I don’t want you to spend 4 hours in a holding cell like I had to.

Watching these videos will be Two of the Most Powerful and Important Days of Your Life. Look what else is included.

You’ll learn:

  • How to get someone off of you quickly if you get knocked to your back. . . You do NOT want to be on the ground in a street fight.
  • How to fight in high heels . . . You can be stylish and ruthless at the same time. 

  • How to act as a bodyguard for your loved ones…. the tactics are totally different when you have kids or other loved ones to protect.

  • The legalities of self-defense . . . there are many gray areas here and hesitating to wonder about them during a violent encounter can get you killed.

  • What to do during an “Active Shooter” event . . . and how to disable an assault rifle or pistol in 2 seconds or less.

  • The most vulnerable targets on any sized person. . . . a little anatomy knowledge goes a long way.

  • The pros and cons of getting a protection dog. . . . Man’s best friend is the criminal’s worst enemy. 

    My dog Rubix means business.
    He put on a little show for you at the event.

Heels can either be an asset or a curse if you don't know how to select and use them in a violent encounter.

Not only will this be the experience of a lifetime . . . It could save you, or one of your loved one's lives.

With no training, you will make mistakes that could cost you your life or cause you to experience a violent encounter you’ll have to mentally and possibly physically live with the rest of your life. Check out what happened to one of my former employees and then we’ll go over all the mistakes she made.

The Story of Sheila at the Library

I’ll call this employee Sheila. Sheila was in a cubicle in a remote corner of a library when she got the feeling a man was watching her. The man came over and sat in the cubicle right next to her. A few moments later Sheila was horrified when she realized the man was masturbating. She immediately got her things together and went toward the front exit of the library.

The man followed her and actually exited before her. Sheila was so flustered she called her mother to tell her what was happening. As she walked out of the library, the man was standing in the front foyer. She hurried past him, jumped in her car to leave and when she looked in the mirror the man was behind her car touching himself. YIKES!!!

What Sheila Did Wrong

Well pretty much everything . . . and she got off lucky in that this was apparently your run-of-the-mill pervert who didn’t turn out to be a rapist. . . . Yet.

    1. She sat in a secluded part of the library. Criminals and creeps want privacy and she gave it to them by sitting deep in the stacks.

    2. She ignored her feeling that someone was watching her. She related to me that she felt the guy was pulling out the same book from the shelf over and over just to have an excuse to watch her. This should have been a giant red flag to get up and move somewhere else in the library that was more populated with people.

    3. She didn’t give eye contact to the man. Although this is controversial, studies with criminals show that stern eye contact can make the bad guy pick what appears to be an easier target. Another aspect of this is that many rapists have reported that not giving eye contact makes the girls seem coy and flirty as if she wanted him to have her.

    4. She called her mother. Her mother could not help her at that point and criminals have reported that . . . contrary to popular belief . . . people on cell phones are better targets because they are distracted.

    5. She did not immediately go to a library employee, or library security to report what was happening!!! 

    6. She ventured into the parking lot alone. She should have requested an escort, or waited for the police to come.

    7. She got in her car which gave the weirdo access to her license plate number.

    This could have ended a lot worse. In the heat of the moment, with no time to think, would your wife, daughter or you (if you’re female), have made all the right moves instead of all the wrong ones?

    What if things turned violent in the dark library parking lot? Would you or one of your loved ones have the ability to stop the attack? Unfortunately, if you’re being honest with yourself, most likely the answer is NO.

    So besides teaching you “Situational Awareness” so you don’t get in trouble in the first place, I’m going to teach you brutal, physical self-defense skills to give you the greatest chance of surviving a violent encounter.

    I’ll Show You:

    • How to Protect Your Head: Here’s an original quote by me, “If you get knocked unconscious, . . . unconscionable things will happen to you.”
    • Your absolute number one and number two anatomy targets if you fear grave bodily harm. . . . this will definitely surprise you.
    • Why “kick-him-in-the-balls” is not a viable strategy. . . every bad guy expects that and your chances of success without the correct setup are slim.
    • How to use your environment as weapons and shields. . . . why hit him with your hand if you can smash him into a wall? 

    In close quarters combat walls and doorjams can be your friend or your enemy. In this case the door jam in front and my elbow behind is going to have this guy calling off work because of a "migraine" hahaha

    • 21 Different Weapons You can carry ANYWHERE legally….that includes in airports, on airplanes and in any city even if they have super strict weapons laws.
    • The proper way to choose and deploy pepper spray . . . Most criminals will laugh at you for even trying it while they are beating, robbing or raping you.
    • How to fight in confined spaces like bathroom stalls, elevators, hallways, storage closets and vehicles.


    “Unarmed combatives are only for those foolish enough to be caught without a weapon.” 
    William E. Fairbairn

    Virtually all credible, real world, self-defense trainers advocate the use of weapons. (Some weapons take practice and some require little or no practice.)

    I’m not necessarily talking about guns and this course WILL NOT train you in the use of firearms. I will be glad to recommend appropriate training for you on request. (Although I will be teaching you how to disarm and disable various pistols and rifles that are pointed at you or other innocent people.) 

    Here I am overcoming an assailant who has a gun. You'll learn how to do this and a lot more when you attend the live seminar.

    In this Course You Will Learn:

    • How to recognize and deploy over 100 improvised weapons . . . there is literally something for everyone and many of them you can carry ANYWHERE.
    • How to construct your own weapons . . . out of household and garage items.
    • How to conceal your weapons . . . many times in plain sight.
    • How to turn a bad guys clothing into weapons against himself.
    • The Pros and Cons of Electronic Weapons . . . They can be great and they can be worthless. 

    Electronic Weapons can be effective, but only in limited circumstances and only if you really know how to use them.

    • How to handle and target your attacker using edged weapons . . . This is serious. Blades are considered lethal force.
    • How to temporarily blind someone with a knife . . . where they could suffer no permanent damage to their eyes.
    • How to visit any city in the world and make yourself a formidable concealed carry weapon that’s perfectly legal.
    • How to go in 7/11 or any convenience store or dollar store and come out with tons of legal improvised weapons. When you win your fight you’ll be singing, “Oh Thank Heaven for 7/11” hahaha

    Nice Guys (and Gals) Finish as Victims

    Of course, you’ve heard the saying “Nice guys finish last.” It couldn’t be more true in the criminal world. If you’re afraid to offend someone, you let them get too close to you which tremendously reduces your chances of fending off a violent encounter. i.e…..they got the jump on you and you let them do it.

    As part of this course you will learn how to strategically stay away from people without looking like a stuck up weirdo and EXACTLY WHAT TO WATCH for when any stranger approaches you AND EXACTLY WHAT TO SAY when they do.

    You’ll also learn about the Combat Mindset and the Color Codes of Danger and what they mean to you in your daily life. Most people go around in the wrong color mode of danger which puts them in GREAT DANGER.






    Lakia's Two Minute Lesson

    See Below what Lakia Robinson learned with only two minutes of training and no practice. She did a "Quad Attack" which consisted of an "Eye Rip" from behind, a " 'C' Clamp" to the wind pipe, a "Head Butt" to the jaw and you can't see it in the video, but Multiple Knee Strikes to the groin and thigh. Just think what she could do with 16 hours of training like you'll get when you attend this groundbreaking live event.


    At the seminar I’m going to do an entire section on how criminals pick targets. This is not my opinion. This information comes from groundbreaking studies and interviews with actual muggers, rapists and burglars.

    You’ll be amazed at some of the criteria criminals use to decide if they want to target you or one of your family members. Much of it is totally backward from what you might expect.

    Look at All the Other Critical Things You Will Learn

    Watch these Life changing / Lifesaving Videos and You’ll Discover How To:

    • Say the right things to 911. . . say the wrong things and the police may come after YOU.

    You MUST say the right things to 911 to keep yourself out of hot water.

    • Increase your awareness . . . and how to spot trouble long before it can hurt you.
    • Use a boat load of savage techniques that I can’t even mention on a public website. . . . I don’t know of any public seminar teaching these brutal, devastating and potentially lethal techniques.

      NOTE: I do not take my responsibility here lightly. These techniques should only be used when lethal force is justified under the law and I pray to God you never have to use them. But, as we’ve seen in San Bernadino, Sandy Hook, Charleston, NC, Virginia Tech, Paris and many other places it’s better to have the skills and not need them than to need them and not have them.
    • How to escape from common criminal restraints. . . . If you do get abducted, I’ll give you the best chance to escape.

    Do you know how to escape from this common bad guy restraint method? If you do, have you ever done it?

    • The number one place you must look when evaluating a person you think could be hostile. . . Criminals can look clean cut like Ted Bundy who confessed to more than 30 heinous homicides.
    • How to plan ahead to give yourself the best chance of survival in any public place. . . . You’ll learn how to be proactive which massively increases your chance of survival rather than freezing and waiting to be slaughtered.
    • How to create enormous pain compliance but no injury when Uncle Harry gets drunk and unruly at the family reunion. . . . every situation is not life and death and you’ll learn techniques to control others without permanently hurting them.

    The Psychology of Surviving a Violent Encounter

    Most people understand that what you say can either escalate or de-escalate the potentially violent situation you are facing. What most people don’t know is that what you say and how you say it can open up a chance for you to “take out” the aggressor before he takes you out.

    You’ll Learn:

    • What to say to a person you feel is going to attack you. . . . these few seconds can be critical to your survival.
    • How to create hesitation in your attacker . . . to give you a chance to escape.
    • When to “act” meek and when to “be” savage. . . . Learning how to surprise your attacker can mean the difference between life or death.

    This woman surprised the heck out of her attacker and is about to put a devastating and savage headbutt right into his nose.

    • 3 Psychological Tactics to confuse the attacker. . . a confused attacker will be slower to attack.
    • How to use “pattern interrupts” to create escape and attack openings

    OK Tom. What Gives You the Right to Teach Any of This?

    Well, I’m going to list a bunch of stuff here that gives me the right. If you already know my background, or if you’re in a hurry to sign up (we only have 20 spots), you could skip this section.

    If you want to make sure I’m not some poser just trying to profit from the fear in this country, then I suggest you read this to see how I’ve been living this type of physical safety / martial arts / self-defense lifestyle pretty much my entire adult life starting as a teenager. It's just that now people need this information more than ever and that's why I'm rolling it out.

    High School

    I took up Shurin Ryu Karate where I broke rocks with my bare hands, walked barefoot in freezing cold streams, and learned to develop massive power. I also started my weapons training.

    I started out in high school breaking rocks with my bare hands, and doing all sorts of things a human being shouldn't be able to do hahaha

    During this time I was tied for 4th in the State of Pennsylvania Heavyweight Wrestling Division (PA is a nationally known hotbed for high school wrestling). I was 23 wins and 1 loss in my senior year and was only beaten by a person who went on to long pro football career.

    My training was from two “brutal” wrestlers named Nick Petronka (I think he was undefeated in his entire career high school, college and post college) and Jerry Seaman a Hall of Fame wrestler.

    Both are bad asses who taught me how to brutally punish people (“mostly” within the rules hahaha) of high school wrestling. I could actually make a person throw up with one of the techniques I learned hahaha.

    Just found a couple old newspaper clippings online about my wrestling.

    I guess I brought down the house when I pinned this guy's butt in the first period.

    Add to that . . . I was an All-State football player and I had work out time with SuperBowl champ Jon Kolb and several other Pittsburgh Steelers who donated their time to helping high school wrestlers. Jon Kolb was so muscular I may as well have tried to wrestle an Oak Tree. He beat me to a pulp while teaching me how to do it to others.

    During that time I went to the Nationals in Greco Roman & Free Style wrestling. (I pretty much got killed by older, tougher and bigger opponents) and was inducted into the Pennsylvania Football Foundation Hall of Fame.


    I attended on a football scholarship and played first team starting guard at top 20 ranked West Virginia University. I was not well liked by many of the other players. Do you know why? . . . Because I actually went to class, wouldn’t smoke dope and wouldn’t cut in line in front of other hard working students who were not jocks. . . . So who cares if you were well-liked or not?

    . . . What this means is on the practice field I was always getting into fights with the a**holes that were bigger, stronger and faster than me. I knocked a couple of them out.

    That's me #73 taking out a University of Pittsburgh linebacker.

    If you doubt that's me, I have saved those sideburns and donated them to the Smithsonian Institution in honor of Chia Pets everywhere hahaha

    During these days when anyone on the field could kill you . . . if I was tough in my high school days,  . . . going through this for 4 years made me EXTREMELY tough.

    After College

    I stayed in Morgantown WV and bought a bar that was somewhat of a biker hangout. Young and stupid as I was, I wasn’t aware the bikers wouldn’t take kindly to me cleaning up the place and making it a family restaurant and neighborhood bar ….think “Cheers”.

    This is the original sign over the entrance to my nightclub where I lived in danger 7 days a week for 6 years.

    Also, I got my rude awakening to lawsuit-happy drunks who couldn’t wait for me to bust them up throwing them out so they could cash in on the rich guy. What those jerks didn't know was that during those days I studied Aikido to learn how to cause extreme pain without leaving bruises so I could throw people out of the nightclub without being sued all the time. That worked beautifully on regular drunks . . . I would soon learn it wasn’t enough.

    When you are against lowlife people with nothing to lose . . . who couldn’t care less about suing you because they relish the thought of hurting you badly, . . . you must take things to an entire different level.

    I had drug running bikers trying to kill me . . . or at least run me out of town. I couldn’t leave. I had all my money tied up in the restaurant/nightclub. I would have lost a fortune.

    I started studying Combat Kung Fu, and Aiki JuJutsu. I had special forces guys instructing me as well as Kung Fu masters. I nearly killed one of the special forces guys with one of my moves and it scared the hell out of me and everyone else there when, as I recall, he was swelling up and turning blue.

    During the nightclub days I was in two full blown gunfights. I survived and defeated over 100 physical attacks against me mostly by bikers who were mad that I cleaned up their shithole bar and turned it into a respectable nightclub and restaurant.
    My car was even blown up with shotgun blasts.

    Double 00 Buckshot was used to shoot up my car.

    I carried a Walther PPK every day for six straight years under a bar rag in my back pocket.

    If my high school and college days made me “extremely” tough, this time period took my toughness, my awareness, and my attitude about the bad elements of the world through the roof.

    Since Then

    I’ve expanded even more on my training. I’ve had extensive weapons training (more current training than most police officers including basic sub machine gun and sniper) and I’ve kept up and practiced the brutal techniques necessary to survive modern day attacks . . . and yes today there are differences in how you are most likely to get attacked.

    Here's me with Al Clark, co-founder of the infamous Blackwater USA. He's also a Navy Seal trainer. I took private and group lessons with him on combat pistol.

    In the early days, there was no Rear Naked Chokes, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, or Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) on TV so besides what I learned in the old days I’ve kept up, studied and practiced (I work out frequently with Black Belts and recognized top street fighters.) One of my one-on-one teachers is the Chicago Based, extremely brutal, Tony Cecchine who "Black Belt Magazine" named one of the top 20 living street fighters. I’ve increased my regular and improvised weapon skills tremendously and I’m a damn good teacher of what works in real life, and actual life and death situations.

    Add to that the threat of terrorism and active shooter study I’ve done and you’ve got one bad ass training in store for you.

    Here's Tony Cecchine and I at breakfast in Chicago before we spent the next four days at his gym where I learned crippling and potentially lethal techniques.
    Get His DVDs at: 
    Join His Membership Site at: 

    Tony's gym in Chitown is the ultimate man cave complete with a massive olympic weight room, pool table, bar and lounge. If you want to study with the best, book one of his fantastic deals.

    Why Not Just Take a Tae Kwon Do or Jiu Jitsu Class?

    Hey, I’m all for you getting involved in the Martial Arts. You must keep in mind though that the key word is “art”. Many of the techniques you’ll learn in a typical martial arts class are almost ridiculous in a real world street fight where there ARE NO RULES!

    It’s great exercise and discipline and I’m not just paying lip service to keep my martial arts friends happy. I'd be thrilled if my class inspired you to explore the various arts and get involved. It can be a great thing in your life. However, do not be brainwashed into thinking your new found art is the end all. It could be the end all of your life if you try “art” techniques in a street fight.


    I’ve got nothing against regular martial arts teachers, but most of them have never been in even one real life and death situation let alone nearly 100. There are many fakers out there too. They start their own system and award their own belts based on nothing but politics. Learning from someone like that could easily get you killed.

    I've even gotten my money back from Internationally known Jiu Jitsu people who were selling "combatives" AKA street techniques. One of the things they tried to teach me was how to hold a certain ground technique to tire my opponent out.

    When I pointed out that if they had me in that hold, while on my back I would take out my folding pocket knife, open it with one hand and disembowel the person trying to tire me out. . . . Oh I almost forgot. . . . That's in addition to my buddies kicking his head in. . . . I quickly got my refund.

    So, with all the things I've outlined above, I feel highly qualified to teach you what I know. So, let's get back to it. Here’s another one of the violent encounter mantras I live by:

    Multiple Attackers

    Ever since my nightclub days I’ve worked under the theory of multiple armed attackers. The Police Trainers I’ve studied under call this “Plus One” …..which means the bad guy/girl always has a friend / accomplice.

    An example of this would be you decide to be a hero at a convenience store checkout line by confronting a robber and you get smashed in the head from behind by the robber’s buddy.

    You MUST be aware enough to survey your environment. You MUST do your best to control the location of the attackers so you are only facing one at a time. Do you know how to do this? . . . I’ll be showing you how.

    Also do you know which attacker to take out first? It’s not always the bad guy closest to you.

    I’ll be teaching you the best possible methods of surviving and escaping an attack by more than one person.

    Travel Safety Tips

    You’ll Learn:

    • How to Stay safe in hotels . . . Just because the hotel chain has a fancy name, doesn’t mean you are any safer.
    • How to stay safe while sightseeing . . . you can enjoy your trip and see what you want WITHOUT looking like an easy target.
    • All about travel gadgets that are easy to carry and tremendously increase your safety and peace of mind.

    The door jammer can easily be carried in your luggage to secure you hotel door from the inside.....Don't have a heart attack though because security won't be able to get in to save you.

    Even a simple door alarm is better than nothing. This one is only $12.99 on Amazon.

    • How to stay safe in Taxi Cabs . . . Your clean cut driver may want your wallet or what’s between your legs more than the fare.

    Don't let your guard down just because the driver is clean cut and polite.

    Automobile Safety

    Come to this Eye Opening Event and Learn:

    • How to avoid car jackings and theft . . . They’re on the rise. Cars are getting harder to steal. It’s easier for the thief to “jack” you than to figure out how to hotwire the car.
    • How your electronic key can get you killed. . . . Three minutes of training will make you and your family safer forever. 

    Push these button in the wrong order and you are virtually inviting someone to car jack you.

    • To stay safe at gas stations. . . . one simple trick will keep you and your belongings safe.
    • How to fight in your car . . . being inside a vehicle is a total game changer when it comes to protecting yourself. There’ all kinds of things working against you. . . . I’ll teach the best methods to prevail.
    • Driving habits that will keep your vehicle from getting boxed in with nowhere to go. . . . One simple habit that’s totally under your control gives you the greatest chance of driving away when danger approaches.
    • What to do if you break down on a lonely road. . . .It’s a total pain in the ass, but it’s much better than attending your own funeral.
    • How to keep from getting caught up in common dangerous criminal setups . . . you’ll be able to recognize the danger and easily drive away to safety BEFORE the bad guy springs his trap on you.
    • How one accessory added to your wheels will mean no one can disable your vehicle by slashing your tires or letting the air out.
    • How to Keep Your GPS from getting you robbed 

    Do you know how to set your GPS so you don't get robbed? You'll learn the simple trick at the live seminar.

    • How a simple electronic automobile gadget can save your butt if you ever have to go to court and how it can keep you out of court in the first place.

    Infinitely Better Chance of Surviving

    I do my work in all sorts of areas. Many of them aren’t the safest places to be especially at night. When I work with Tom Antion I’ve never felt so safe knowing that if something happens, I’ll have an infinitely better chance of surviving because of what he knows and what he's taught me.
    Glen Cooke, New Phase Designs LLC

    Home Safety

    • How to know if someone is approaching your house before they even get in the driveway (and I'm not just talking about simple motion detector lights) . . . the more time you have to prepare for an unwanted visitor the better. 

    The more you prepare for this, the better chance you have of surviving.

    • What to do outside your windows to make a criminal’s job much harder. . . . you won’t believe how simple this is.
    • 2 things to do near your front door to make criminals want to pass you by . . . increasing your safety doesn’t get much easier than this.
    • Every house has one specific place the entire family needs to know about . . . . Do you know what that place is and how to use it to keep your family safe?
    • How your garage door opener can get you in trouble . . .Don’t make it easy on the criminals to get in your house.

    The Nasty and Brutal Stuff

    You have to decide if you really have what it takes to do what it takes to survive and/or protect your loved ones.

    If you don’t think you do, I’ll be helping you with that mental attitude near the beginning of the seminar. I’ll be having you think of who would be devastated if you were gone? Who would be weeping hysterically at your funeral? Who would have a tough life or go into the abusive foster care system if you’re gone? Could you stand the thought of your precious children being raped and murdered, or sold into the child sex trade that’s running rampant world-wide? 

    If you refuse to do what it takes to save yourself and your family, then just fill in the blank above.

    Sometimes good people have to do unthinkable things to another human being (and I use the term “Human Being” benevolently since many of these bad people wouldn’t even make good wild animals.)

    In this one-of-a-kind live event, I’m going to teach you how to do these unthinkable things that would only be used in the most dire circumstances to save your life, or the lives of your innocent loved ones.

    You Will Discover:

    • How to multiply the force when you strike someone. Notice I did not say “punch” someone.
    • The Little-known art of (name redacted because of the danger of this art) which is the one way you can virtually guarantee to get out of any “impossible-to-get-out-of” situation.
    • How and where to bite someone. . . . Do it wrong and you just made the attacker more pissed off.
    • When you have a bladed weapon AKA knife. . . . How to handle it and where to target for maximum and fastest bleed out of your attacker. 

    You should be able to deploy and open your knife with one hand (make sure it's legal to carry first.) I'll be teaching you how to research that during the seminar.

    An attacker can be made to bleed out in just a few minutes if you know where to target.

    • How to break an attacker's neck. . . . It doesn’t take that much force if you know how to do it.
    • If you have a gun, the exact place to shoot someone to stop their muscles from moving instantly.
    • How to Rip, Grind, Pinch and Gouge your way to safety. . . . This is hard to stomach, but if you decide you can’t do it, please tell your loved ones you’re sorry about what’s going to happen to them because you’re not willing to do these techniques.
    • How to choke and how to keep from getting choked. . . .With the widespread popularity of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) lots of people will now try to choke you out. You must know how to choke someone and how to keep yourself from getting choked.

    Here's our guest instructor Alain Burrese sending his training partner to never never land with a rear naked choke. You'll learn how to apply it at the event and how to make sure you don't get it put on you. You can check out this DVD and Alain's many other products at

    • The difference between a “blood” and an “airway choke" . . . both can kill and one can just be put on long enough to make the attacker take a nap.
    • The right way to pull someone’s hair . . . Create maximum pain and control of their head. (see next bullet)
    • How to control someone’s head and make it weak and susceptible to fatal blows. . . The old saying is, “Where the head goes the body will follow.”

    Devastating Techniques to Take Out Larger Attackers

    In just a few minutes Tom taught me how to protect my head even in the face of utter chaos. I was able to immediately go home and teach this to my Fiance. In addition he taught me several devastating techniques to take out larger attackers and at my height almost everyone is a larger attacker. For the sake of you and your family you MUST take this training.
    Brandon Gentry BG Renovations.

    In Addition, in This Comprehensive Video Course You Will Learn:

    • How to de-escalate potentially dangerous situations. . . You win 100% of the fights you avoid!
    • Five things you must NEVER, EVER, EVER, EVER, EVER, DO when faced with a violent encounter.
    • To use your Head, Shoulders, Elbows, Wrists, Hands, Knees and Feet to devastate your attacker.
    • What to say to bystanders so they know the kind of danger involved if they call 911 on your behalf.
    • Knife Defense . . . Knives are one of the worst weapons to go against at close range. . . . I’ll teach you how to increase your odds of survival by at least ten times.
    • 12 Different Flexible and Wearable Weapons and how to use them.

    You will not believe all the ways you can use a bandana and lots of other simple clothing items to hurt someone and protect yourself.

    • How to Make your entire body a weapon and the entire body of the attacker a target.
    • The time of day you NEVER, EVER, EVER GO INTO A LARGE STORE.
    • How to improvise immediate weapons at 7/11, or any convenience store.

    Can You Believe You’ll Get All This Great Learning?

    I’m not done yet. You’ll also learn:

    • How to handle weirdos in public places.
    • Why talking on a cell phone while you’re jogging or walking is a terrible idea…..but great for criminals.

    This woman is distracted and the nearest help looks to be about 200 feet behind her. With typical street noises no one would ever hear her scream. Criminals love this!

    • How to handle shopping centers and parking lots. . . . I watched an interview with a former shopping center executive. He said, "You won't believe the amount of crime happening in mall and shopping center parking lots."
    • How to increase your chance of survival when an active shooter is involved.
    • How to disable various kinds of rifles, shotguns and handguns.
    • How to Fend off Rapist.
    • How to Fend off a Carjacker
    • How to Use Basic Physics and Biology to Disorient Your Attacker.

    Legal Stuff

    • What to say to law enforcement . . . they don’t know who is at fault when they arrive. . . . What you say can keep you out of handcuffs for a prolonged period of time (although expect to be handcuffed until they sort things out)

    You do not want to be in custody very long.

    • How to tell others to call 911 . . . there are very specific things you need to say to protect yourself.
    • How to create your own favorable witnesses . . . how you stand and what you say either makes you look like an aggressor or a victim. You WANT to look like a victim. . . . (I learned this one the hard way with 4 hours in a holding cell at BWI airport and an arraignment that was totally unjustified.)
    • How to justify striking first . . . You are perfectly legal in doing so under certain circumstances . . . and you’re more likely to come out of the confrontation alive if you go on the offensive when justified.
    • Situations when Lethal Force is commonly justified . . . You’ve got to be as clear as possible with regard to this murky legal landmine or you’ll probably spend more than the value of your house on attorney fees.

    So What Did the Two Day Training Look Like?

    We did some of the training in and around cars. Yes, I know it was cold out, but bad guys don’t wait for sunny days to attack you so I had the attendees dress accordingly with coats, earmuffs, hats, and gloves.

    Multi – Media

    I mixed up the day with actual physical techniques the attendees practiced against other participants and punching bags and with classroom and video training. If they wore glasses I encouraged them to take them off during the physical training to simulate what they would experience if their glasses got knocked off. They, of course, could keep them on for the lecture and video portions of the days.

    Some of the training purposely impaired their vision to simulate low light or other conditions that would keep them from seeing perfectly.

    Daily Schedule

    This program went two full 8 hour days with a short break for lunch. 

    Warm Up Time

    There was no time allotted to warming up. Bad guys do not give you a chance to warm up now do they? The techniques taught will be what are called “gross motor skills” so they can be performed under stress with no warm up. There will be no high kicks or anything that would overstretch the muscles of an average person.

    If attendees absolutely felt the need to warm up, they had to arrive early to do it. No one did.

    Equipment & Clothing

    Even though this seminar is titled “Brutal Self Defense”, Attendees were NOT brutalized. That being said, I had protective equipment available for their use. If an attendee didn't like the idea of wearing equipment that other people were also wearing (we had disinfectant wipes available), I suggested they purchase some of their own equipment from the list below

    Here are some of the things that could be purchased from a martial arts supply, eBay, Amazon, Sports Authority, etc.:

    Martial Arts Headgear with Facemask – There are many different types and we will not be hitting you in the head with full contact strikes so you don’t need the biggest and baddest headgear. 

    Mouth Guard – You can get the kind you mold yourself, or your dentist will make you one but the dentist one will cost a fortune and take forever to get. 

    Fingerless MMA Type Gloves – Since I teach you to strike without using your knuckles, this may be a waste. If your hands bruise easily, then go for it. You can also use fingerless bicycle gloves. 

    Forearm Pads – Good for practicing elbow strikes

    Elbow Pads – Good for practicing elbow strikes and for some of the “on your back” exercises. 

    Knee Pads – You can get the soft kind online from a wrestler supply company or anybody selling them on Amazon. Hard ones like carpet installers and construction people use can be picked up at any Lowes or Home Depot type store. 

    Sports Bra (I'll be wearing mine hahaha)

    Cup - I recommend "Nutty Buddy" and NO I'm not kidding. This is an actual brand.

    Shoes – You should wear whatever shoes you normally wear and ladies that wear heels frequently should bring a pair of old high heels in addition to their everyday shoes.

    NOTE: bring enough changes of shoes so you don’t track dirt from outside on to the mats where we’ll be working out.

    Clothing – Again, attendees were encouraged to wear whatever they would normally wear. An attacker is not going to wait for you to change into your more comfortable fighting clothes. I had them bring several different outfits if they wanted to see how fighting changes in different types of clothes.

    As I mentioned above, I had them bring a heavy coat, scarf, earmuffs, hats etc. for our time outside working in and around cars.

    Backpack (optional) – You’ll learn to use this as a weapon and a shield and it will be handy for you to keep all your gear together.

    You can use this as a weapon or a shield or both.

    Woofing, Touching & Whacking

    Woofing, Touching and Whacking are part of “Adrenal Stress Training”. People react differently when their fight or flight response kicks in. Criminals know that many of their victims freeze up when they get in a stressful situation which make them “easy pickins” so they verbally abuse you and push you around. 

    Here Christie gets pummeled with pool noodles and screamed at to help her overcome "freezing" in the face of a violent threat.

    In an effort to simulate this response in a safe environment I put attendees in a situation where the rest of the class was screaming at them, pushing them, cursing at them, calling them foul names and whacking them with foam bats. They had to stay calm and find their way to safety while blindfolded.

    They had a chance to opt out of this training, but I highly suggested they go through it and thankfully no one opted out. You really learn a lot about yourself and how you react under stress and this kind of training just might keep you from freezing up and save your life.

    Severe Non-Politically Correct Profanity

    In the above "Woofing" section I mentioned "cursing". What I mean is during  that part of the training and  possibly at other times during the weekend, you will be exposed  to extremely foul language that would get you fired from your job, kicked off of TV, and protesters would probably march on your house if you actually used this kind of language in your everyday life.

    If you are not able to handle this or you would like to lecture me on how this language is not necessary for the training, please DON'T SIGN UP. You are  not living the real world.

    And I have to tell you. ....You will be more susceptible to attack because when the bad guys start calling you names and your indignance takes over your thought process (just as the bad guys hoped it would), your mind won't have time to think of how to defeat them. . . . They'll probably tear you limb from limb.

    Mayhem, Mental & Mindset

    During the days I alternated between physical “mayhem” training and classroom “what to do” type training. The physical training included practice sessions so the attendees could try out the techniques against real people and punching bags.

    During the training you will be learning to protect your head in more ways than one. You must have the right mindset to win the battle.

    Much of classroom mental training won’t need much or any practice, but it will be important that you implement the ideas into your daily life when you get home.

    The mindset part is critical and was addressed early the first day. You’ll learn how to better understand how you must feel about the attacker to be able to do “unthinkable” things to him or her. We’ll also discuss and hopefully ingrain in you the reason you are taking this training and who besides you will suffer . . . possibly for the rest of their lives . . . if you decide you can’t harm another person.


    You cannot learn how to escape and fight if you refuse to be touched. The attendees were told to be ready to be touched. They had to be ready to have men and women grabbing their head, pulling their hair, and lying on top of them (I showed them how to get someone off of you fast) etc., etc., etc.,.. Don’t get me wrong. . . .

    Yes, you will be in each other's faces during the live seminar.

    The attendees were not abused, intentionally harmed, embarrassed or groped in any way, . . . but it’s ridiculous to think you can learn this stuff without any physical contact. 

    Your Agreement with Me

    The Legal Crap

    This was a unique and totally life-changing live event that had weapons and brutal techniques being taught and practiced. By buying these videos, you are agreeing to hold me and other entities involved in your purchase harmless should you use or misuse this material.  By purchasing you are agreeing:  

    • That you acknowledge that even though the training is not tremendously physically taxing you could get injured and that under no circumstances if you do get injured or worse will you sue me, any of my companies, the venue, the  landlord, anyone assisting in the training, rats living under the building, or any company even remotely related to the seminar.
    • If for some reason you get incapacitated practicing any of this training, you will have instructed your representatives/relatives that you are participating in the training at your own risk and that they are not to instigate any legal proceedings against me, any of my companies, or anyone assisting in the training.
    • To hold me and all my companies and any one assisting me harmless if you use this information to hurt or kill someone else and you get sued or criminally prosecuted.
    • That you understand that what I’m showing you is for information purposes only and that you are totally and solely responsible for what you do with the information.
    • You will only use what is learned for self-defense purposes and you will NOT use it in an aggressive, offensive and/or illegal manner.

    How Much?

    Recently I spent 3 hours in the ER for kidney stone pain and 2.5 of that was sleeping off the sedatives they gave me. . . . . The bill was $6936.80 

    One visit to the Emergency Room was nearly $7000.00. You want the bad guy there instead of you.

    A couple months later the operation for the kidney stone that didn’t even work took only one hour. . . . . The bill was $28,426.41

    Can you imagine what an extended stay would cost if you get hurt during a violent encounter that could have been avoided in the first place? Can you imagine the psychological trauma you and your family would endure? I’d rather you knew what to do so the other guy ended up handcuffed and in the hospital?

    If he’s a scumbag, he probably doesn’t have health insurance anyway, or his insurance company refused to pay because he was committing a crime. My tax dollar will have to pay his hospital bill anyway, but that’s a heck of a lot better than me calling for the nurse with tubes sticking in me all over the place.

    Regular price is $697.00. Purchase by midnight eastern time tonight and save a whopping $200.00. You'll only pay $497.00 for this course you can't get anywhere else.

    Just to put this in perspective, I called up a local no-name Jiu Jitsu guy and ask him how much his private lessons were…..$100.00 bucks an hour and his training was only for sport. YIKES! . . . AND he'd never even been in a real life and death fight.

    With me, you’re going to get 16 hours of real world survival and weapons training  you’ll carry with you the rest of your life (which I hope is a long one).

    Who Should NOT Purchase These Videos?

    • This seminar is NOT for you if you believe the police will save you if something happens. . . . According to "American Police Beat", the average response time for an emergency call is 10 minutes. Atlanta has the worst response time with 11 to 12 minutes and Nashville comes in at a lightning speed of 9 minutes. Many rural areas use a calendar for response times reporting hahaha. And if you think I’m kidding, in the two shootings I was involved in the Sheriff actually came out the next day!

      Even with the fast 9-minute figure, you could be dead and your loved ones abducted in the first 30 seconds. You have to take care of business yourself and call 911 AFTER you survive the attack. And one other thing. These figures are old. Budget cuts in most areas have caused police layoffs further increasing response times.

    • This seminar is NOT for you if you think buying a can of pepper spray or a gun will protect you. First of all, I’m all for guns and pepper spray so long as you are trained and continually practiced in their use. However, I guarantee you, that as old, overweight, and out of shape as I am I can be 15 yards away from you and take your life before you ever get your pepper spray or gun out.

      In lethal force justification training you will note that an attacker with a knife can cover 21 feet in 1.5 seconds. The famous Tueller study of the 1980’s is still the referred to today. 21 feet is the distance a bad guy can be away and you can still be justified in using lethal force. I can assure you virtually all bad guys are in better shape than me and as much as 45 years younger. They can cover 21 feet a lot faster than I can and even if you pepper spray me or shoot me, I can probably still kill you before I become incapacitated. . . . Certainly it would be even harder to stop a drug fueled psychopath. 

      If you don’t believe me, try the test yourself. Have someone run at you from 21 feet away and touch you with a pen while you are trying to draw your gun (don’t use a real gun for this) or get your pepper spray out of your purse or pocket. Let me know how it goes.

    I don't care if you have some cute pepper spray or the latest Star Wars phaser gun. If I'm within 21 feet of you, and if you don't have extensive training with those weapons, I'll do some serious damage to you before you ever get your gun or pepper spray into the fight.

    • This seminar is NOT for you if you aren’t willing to do what it takes to survive a violent encounter to save yourself and your loved ones.

    Discounted Videos  $497.00  You save $200.00 Click here for your videos.

    There will be so much lifesaving information jammed in this seminar I can’t fit it all in this letter. Here are some more things you’ll learn:

    • How to Keep Fighting When You’re injured. . . . You can’t just quit because you got a little boo boo.
    • How to read the signs that someone is ready to attack you . . . there are virtually always signs. . . recognize them and save yourself a beating …. or worse.
    • The correct way to run from someone . . . Do it incorrectly and you’ll be worse off than if you stayed and fought it out.
    • How to practice without training partners. . . Not everyone will be as gung ho about saving lives as you.
    • How to get the Hell up fast if you’re knocked to the ground . . . the last place you want to be in a street fight is laying on glass, puke and concrete while getting your head kicked in by the bad guy's buddies.
    • How to handle Aggressive panhandlers . . . this usually isn’t life or death, but you still must be able to deal with this uncomfortable situation. . . . ALSO NOTE: Mentally ill people can launch a violent attack with little or no warning. I’ll show you how to drastically reduce the chances of that happening to you.

    Guest Instructor

    As a guest instructor I’ve invited my good friend and prolific real world martial artist and self-defense expert Alain Burrese. Alain is a 5th Dan Blackbelt in the Korean art of Hapkido, former Army Sniper, attorney, and security expert involved in hundreds of stadium and concert ejections of unruly patrons.

    Alain is an instructor of Active Shooter Response Classes and among all the great tips he’ll be adding to the seminar he’ll be teaching you how to dramatically increase your chances of survival in an Active Shooter scenario.

    Alain is also a prolific writer and self-defense information product creator. He writes regularly for "Black Belt Magazine", "Karate/Kung Fu Illustrated", and "American Survival Guide". He is the author of 7 books, 11 DVDs and hundreds of articles on keeping  yourself safe.

    Alain can make bad guys wish they had never been born. He'll show you lots of his techniques during the seminar.

    My friend and instructor Alain Burrese will be assisting in showing you how to bust up people before they bust you up. Check out his website and his fantastic array of self-defense products 

    I have to say that I’ve learned a ton from training personally with Alain and from his DVDs and books. And here’s a confession. His novel "Lost Conscience" is the first fiction book I’ve read in 30 years and it's so good I pretty much stayed up all night to finish it.


    14 Videos only $497 You save $200.00 Click here for your videos.

    One Wrong Move

    Look, in a violent encounter if you make one wrong move, it’s lights out for you and then who knows what will happen to you and your family.

    There are never any guarantees when the proverbial shit hits the fan, but with proper real world training you can increase your chances of survival ten-fold. I’m going to give you that training.

    Partners & Family Members

    These videos are geared to adult participants. It’s a little too harsh for young people to experience until they mature.


    14 Videos only $497 You save $200.00 Click here for your videos.

    Get your videos NOW to keep yourself and your family safe.


    14 Videos only $497 You save $200.00 Click here for your videos.

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